Managing efforts for governments, through governments

Martin Marketing has a more than 20-year history working with municipalities, states, and federal agencies alike, particularly in matters related to economic development, technology – digital applications, microchip, and semiconductor sectors – broadband deployment, manufacturing, tourism and public safety.

Those efforts include grant application research and management, legislative and administrative branch relations, budgetary input, and bilateral party support for our clients’ initiatives. KC Fiber, Birch Creek Innovations, the City of Morgan Hill (CA), Clay County (MO) Economic Development Corporation, Digital Legacy, LLC have benefited from our services. Complementary and associated legal counsel is provided by Clarkson Nelson, LLC, Jefferson City, MO.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem development is our sweet spot when building governmental and agency support for seeding new businesses and attracting related infrastructure.

Believing in the good will efforts of our community

Martin Marketing has provided pro bono and billable support for non-profits across the land. From local retailers who fund low-income housing, to food pantries, to the Boy Scouts of America to non-profit leadership organizations, our legacy of investing in the betterment of our community stretches from coast to coast.

We’ve helped 501c3s and 501c6s alike fulfill their missions by facilitating strategic planning; brand development; digital marketing; content creation; fundraising campaigns and specific events. We’ve also contributed to these related clients by aiding with social media management; public relations; and grant and sponsorship outreach.

In short, Martin Marketing has played play a vital role in helping non-profit organizations and agencies reach their goals, increase their impact, and connect with their target audiences since the year 2000.

Seaking business is our native language

Martin Marketing serves our B2B clientele with strategic marketing campaigns and initiatives to reach their target audiences, to generate leads, to build brand awareness, and ultimately to drive business growth. What makes us unique:  under the right circumstances, Martin Marketing assumes the role of Chief Marketing Officer and will manage and execute the plans we build. Hired hands without the long-term commitments and ancillary costs of increasing head count.

To that end our B2B services include market research and analysis; strategic development; a full complement of online and offline content, campaigns, digital development, and targeted reach efforts.

We help companies reach other targeted businesses with CRM oversight, ecosystem mapping and development, sales enablement, comprehending and navigating compliance benchmarks within industry-specific jurisdictions.

Reaching consumers where they live, where they buy

Our firm has worked in the direct-to-consumer sector, including affinity group marketing and push and pull marketing strategies for retail going on 35 years.

We’ve aided in the launch and growth of several DTC companies, including Flair Wear, Digital Legacy, LLC and such affinity organizations as the Dale Earnhardt fan club, the Thomas Kinkade Collectors’ Club; and the M.I. Hummel Collectors Society.

We’ve helped these businesses succeed in a competitive marketplace by initiating market research; by guiding brand and product development; by exercising product launch strategies; overseeing website development – including e-commerce, digital marketing, and optimization; creating content and content marketing approaches; and leveraging email marketing.

Our experience in analytics, scaling and budget management has enabled our clients to build out operations to anticipate and support growing consumer demand.